kiber buro
mobile applications and web services
We can do

Technical solution development
We design new systems, services and devices. The team is formed individually for each project. MVP - minimum viable product after 2 months. Weekly demonstration of work performed.
Launch and launch of new products on the market
We help with the promotion on the market. We involve competent digital-marketing specialists in the project. We save your time and money at the expense of a properly built promotion plan.
and audit
We delve into the project and the task. We find the optimal solution. We write the technical task. We help to build a team and select suppliers and partners. We are developing the process of developing scalable software.
How we work
Analytics and design
We are going together with you,discussing. We draw on the board the future project.
We define what we do, why we do it
and why we do it. We get sketches
and development specifications.
2 - 4 weeks


Based on the first stage, we create screen layouts and interactive prototypes with design. You can already understand what the future service will be.
2 - 3 weeks
Development and launch

Create a mobile application, API and web services. We spread the application in shops or we start a web service.
3 - 6 months
Support and growth
We monitor the performance, improve and upgrade the application so that your customers are happy and happy.
Continue to improve the working product.
About Kiber Buro
It all started in 2015. At the very beginning it was a few people with extensive experience in IT.
For example, technical director in mobile development for over 12 years. Team members worked at iFree, Friend Around and other well-known IT companies.
From the first day we were eager to do everything differently than now. With a conscious understanding of why the product is created. Who will use it and why.

"The interface should be clear, the system itself should fly."

First jobs, websites for various companies. Of the interesting work on the sites, and the exchange for students and teachers
The first mobile application designed for the retail industry. There was no official launch, but as a team we got a good experience. And now we offer our competence in creating constructive mobile applications and web services.
UX / UI design, Backend, applications for iOS and Android, complex web systems.

The digital world is not the future, but the present. Wins the one who understands this.

Alfred Nord Whitehead